I love the pattern on these tight . . . very tight!!! . . . Dark Brown Pantyhose, don’t you? And wouldn’t you love to feel them, tightly, wrapping around all your bumps and curves, just as tightly as they’ve wrapped around mine? And you know that when I wear them, just for you, they will have wrapped around me so tightly that they will have soaked-up ALL my musky scents and juices, just for you to smell and feel wrapped against you. And, don’t forget to ask for one of my “extras” options. Perhaps an extra day’s wear, a custom video of me playing in them . . . or even being caught-short when I desperately needed a pee!!!
Price: £8
Country: UK
I ship oversea
P&P: Wrapped lovingly in tissue & then slid into a ziplock plastic bag (to keep my scents warm and fresh!!!) and then discreetly inserted into a Jiffy Postal Envelope.
Posted Free First-Class UK delivery within 3 days of your order.
Or via UK First Class Recorded Delivery £4.
Or for International Tracked Postage £12.
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Brown Net PantyhoseBrown Net PantyhoseBrown Net Pantyhose