News: Used Panties



New year, new panties! I just bought 100 more of my gorgeous pussyjuice absorbering panties to ring in the new year right! So to help make room in my drawers, I'm offering the biggest sale I ever have:


That includes...

·Pantyhose & Stockings
·Socks, Footies, Footlets/Shoeliners
·Workout Clothes (sports bras, shorts worn w/o panties, sweaty tanktops)
·Video Clips (existing or customized – see the menu at
·Photo Sets (existing or customized)
·Audio Clips (existing or customized)
·Sex Toys
·Condoms Used With My Sex Toys
·Chapsticks Used on BOTH Sets of Lips
·Pussy Stuffed (or Assflossed) Handkerchiefs, Neckties & Cotton Swatches
·Locks of My Hair
·Hair Accessories (Brushes, Combs, Hair Ties, Ribbons, Clips, Bobby Pins, etc.)
·Nail Clippings
·Nail Files
·Used Gum & Mints
·Vials of Liquids I've Swished in My Mouth
·Vials of Sink Water I Soaked My Pussy in (no soap used)
·Cosmetics & Perfume
·Slips & Nightgowns
·And so much more!

As always, every panty cums with LOTS of free pics (uncensored & including pussy closeups), free vacuum sealing if desired, and if gifting via money transfer - even a free pussypop w/ pics!

Most other items also cum with LOTS of free pics & free vacuum sealing too!

Mention “50% OFF” when ordering to receive your discount.

See my profile for ordering info:
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News: Santa brought me exactly what I asked for at Christmas: a vacuum sealer! 

I was such a good girl last year that Santa brought me exactly what I asked for at Christmas: a vacuum sealer!

So excited to announce that all panties and other fetish items will now be vacuum sealed before shipping to preserve my musky aroma and delicious juices. (Gussets will still be wrapped in wax paper prior to sealing to protect their delicate moisture!) Dildos, pussy pops, booty bonbons, smelly socks... you name it, I'll play with it and seal it up tight.

I'm happy to offer this new service to my buyers free of charge. Prices will stay the same, with panties starting at just $30 USD for 24 hours wear. So many different colors, fabrics and styles to choose from - check out my classifieds to find your very own pair today!

And don't forget to download one of my intoxicating XXX pro photo sets to accompany your purchase - every buyer deserves some eye candy to enjoy whilst unwrapping my sweet scented panties!



News: This is Angie, I'd like to let you know about new website

I'd like to let you know about my my all-new website and all-new offer, which I hope you will like :) Here are some important changes I have made:

* All panties are now £7 off and cost only £15
* The prices of all lingerie, sexy outfits, skirts, dresses and foot fetish items went down considerably
* My Skype Dates are also cheaper now
* You can now book me to be your WhatsApp girlfriend through my WhatsApp GFE
* I now offer PussyPops and AssPops. Not sure what they are? Well, have a look! :)
* I now offer Hair Fetish items
* I also have some Extra Naughty items if you're up for it!
* I have a new special section for Satin lovers
* I have introduced VIP Status, so that you will get extra rewards if you become my Gold, Platinum or Diamond VIP
* I have a lot of new extras to go with my panties, such as 'Stuffed In My Pussy' or 'Soaked in my Pee'
* And by the way, the prices of all my extras went down, including extra days wear!

You will agree, that's a lot of changes :)

I hope you will find something you like at Angie's:

News: It's time for...LANA TRIVIA!!!

It's time for...LANA TRIVIA!!!

It's so thrilling to have reached over a thousand Twitter followers! I just had to offer something special to celebrate! This game is my gift to you horny lovers & fans! Xxxx!

~The Prizes~

Get the most answers right & you'll receive a FREE HD video of me pleasuring my beautiful pussy to a loud orgasm! (approx. 11 mins)

30 pics of me playing with my wet horny pussy! Uncensored & close-up!

An audio clip of me fantasizing that you're licking me (approx 13 mins) made while I masturbate to a loud orgasm!

PARTICIPATION (for anyone who answers all the questions)...
$5 off any order in January!

~How to Play~

Everyday for the next 10 days, I'll be tweeting a new multiple choice question about me. You may reply with your answer (reply to the individual tweet, a DM will not count) anytime before the 10 days are up (midnight Pacific time of the day of the 10th question is the deadline). No changing your answers once you've submitted them. The correct answers will all be revealed at the end of of the game.

Shhhh! Here's my hint to you...Most of the answers can be found by researching my selling page (, my website (, my listings (, or my tweets (!

Let's have some sexy fun! Go here to begin:

News: Unwrap the most salacious gift you'll be getting this year

Treat yourself. Unwrap the most salacious gift you'll be getting this year.

Tis' the season for stuffing! Santa Claus stuff himself down the chimney, we all stuff ourselves with food, and generally drive ourselves crazy buying...stuff!

From now until December 25, all of my RED panties will come with a complimentary customization: stuffed!

See the sights on


News: News: What are you thankful for? 

What are you thankful for?

The holiday season is here! Now is the perfect time for us to get to know each other and indulge in our naughty (or nice) urges together!

This time of year is always my favorite since there's an emphasis on reflection, being thankful for all that we have, and sharing quality time with those we care about. This year is made extra special now that I've joined the Panty Trust community and have embarked on a whole new erotic adventure with you!

In honor of Thanksgiving and the various holiday celebrations that close out the year, I'm offering a 20% discount on all first time orders made through the rest of 2014!

Introduce yourself to me, sharing what you are thankful for, and I'll send you a discount code to use on my online fetish store at

E-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or connect with me on Twitter @KeishasSecrets to participate!

And my favorite response from my new playmates will get an extra special treat to ring in the new year - so make it good!

** Please note, the code will expire on Januarary 1st. So get your orders in soon! **

News: News: I'm trying to be a good panty girl for Christmas

I'm trying to be a good panty girl to make sure Santa cums for Christmas! After all, I'm sure the poor guy's sick of cookies and milk by now! So to lure him over to my house, I'm going to lay out the juiciest panties ever! How, you ask? With my brand new customization options!

My new naughty list includes (with the newest options near the bottom):

-Extra Days Wear (Specify how many)
-Masturbated in*
-Stuffed in My Pussy*
-Peed into and/or "Forgetting to wipe after I pee"
-Ass Flossed With After a Poo (Specify if you want me to wipe w/ TP first, skip wiping, or wipe and shower first)
-Worked Out in
-Busy Day Wear (I clean the house from top to bottom, do extra walking by running errands on foot, dance around the house, or anything that will keep me extra busy, no TV watching for me!)
-Cream Pied in
-Not Shower before I put them on
-Worn with my vibrating panties over the top – pussy juice at the push of a button!
-Worn with a vibrating bullet inside my pussy
-Use of pussy suctioning device
-Your Suggestions

All just $10 each!

So treat yourself this season to the juiciest pussy soaked panties you've ever had - from the hottest 5'10 blonde model you've ever known!

Get your orders in now, my Holiday Hornies! Just a few days available in November & December is filling up fast!

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