Tuesday, 21 October 2014 18:13

News: My available panty dates are snapped up quicker than a free Ipad!!

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My available panty dates are snapped up quicker than a free Ipad!!

My available panty dates are snapped up quicker than a free Ipad!!

Its becoming more and more difficult to get the wear date you want when you want. I'm fully booked for October and only a few dates left for November.........Yikes!

I'm offering all you horny guys a chance to pre book your date(s) from the last week of November onwards, for a non refundable deposit of £5 for 24 to 48 hours wear and £10 for 72 hours and over, using my special pre order form found at the top of each shop page on my website or via Email.

Here's how it works ;)

1 - Simply check my calendar on my website and find your preferred date
2 - You can choose the panties you'd like when you pre book your date(s) or you can hang on and keep checking my Panty Trust Page and website until you find your perfect pair. I try to update my collection every few weeks, your choice of panties must be made and confirmed at least 2 weeks before your date.
3 - Make the deposit and i'll mark the date(s) and item(s) as "reserved" on my shop pages and "pending" on the calendar.
4 - If you only make the deposit when pre booking and not the full amount, the deposit will be taken off the total price of your order when its time to make the full payment. Full payment must be made 2 weeks before your wear date is due to begin.

E.g. - Pre book December 12th - 14th for a 48 hour wear with a £5 deposit. Ill mark off your dates on my calendar as "pending".
The Panties of your dreams are listed on the 1st of November, get in touch letting me know you want them and they'll be marked as "reserved".
I'll send you confirmation of the total price minus the £5 deposit and the date in which the full payment must be paid by.
Once full payment has been received the calendar will be changed to "booked" and the panties changed to "sold.

If your wear date(s) are no longer suitable as the time grows closer, just let me know at least 1 week before hand and we can rearrange your times.

If you need any further info just drop me a line, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.