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News: Well Hello There! I am Skyler

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News: Well Hello There! I am Skyler.

Well Hello There! I am Skyler. I am new to Panty Trust and very excited to be here among so many like minded people!

My First 5 customers will receive a SPECIAL photo package from me! I can print them and mail with your order... or even email them to you!

I've chosen the name "Skyler" after the character on the TV show "Breaking Bad". I think we all have a bit of a naughty side and need a place for an outlet. That is why I enjoy the Fetish Lifestyle and acting out some of your naughty desires. In my real life, I'm the girl next door... innocent sweetheart... prim and proper. But at home behind closed doors (and sometimes under my street clothes ;-) ), I am a sex crazed lunatic it seems! I get a thrill from selling my used and worn items to guys (and gals) on the web. It feels SO exhilarating to have a man or woman tell me what they want and then me fulfilling those desires! My Husband and I anxiously await all of your requests (within reason of course... but do ask). He gets a thrill taking photos, videos, and buying me sexy things. I get extremely turned on and hot and bothered doing it!!!

That is enough about me. I just wanted to send out a note to say I'm here and ready to please!!!

ALSO, I cannot WAIT to post my brand new Valentine thong in the Classifieds for the "Valentine Panty Raffle" I got SO excited taking the photos and soaked them already a bit. ;-) PICK ME!

I'll be waiting to hear from you!