These panties are perfect for any scent and treatment my body/ interests allow, including stuffing! :P

This is for regular 24hr wear panties, default wear is having showered (sweet) but I can do musky (work out sweat) and sharp (no showering). They fit snugly.

+$5 to add a dash of sauce or played in
+$10 to add another day's wear OR stuffing
+$10 for 3-5 more pics similar style to the ad photos

Any questions email me :)
Price: $23
Country: Canada
I ship oversea
P&P: Items are vac-sealed + mailed via airmail (included to most countries) which can take 5-7 business days. If it's mailed at the start of the week + not crossing oceans it can often arrive in the same week. Express/ tracking /signature are all extra and calculated based on your postal/zip. Packaging default is discreet and businessy, if you want it "penpal style" it's only by request. I accept email gift cards, Bitcoin, EMT/ bank transfers, etsy gift cards and money orders.
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Zoe's Sporty Purple Thong