Thin, sleek and smooth purple and pink tye-dye panties. These make me feel like a dark, dangerous, sleek and sexy queen on the hunt.
24hr wear for $20
more can be negotiated. I can also have a little fun with myself in the panties for extra or exercise in them (I love to dance!) These ones are thin too which I love touching myself through, and they're great at not showing panty lines when exercising, So i love to sweat all my juices out in them while no one sees
If looking for stained underwear, just ask me too
Price: $20
Country: USA
I don't ship oversea
P&P: I will ship the item out within 1 week from the time of order, allowing time for wear. There is a $5 shipping fee for US buyers and $10 for international buyers.
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Used Tye dye ThongUsed Tye dye Thong