I love these pop socks and how they feel against my smooth skin. They look great with my black high heels. Would you like me to wear them for you, maybe exercise in them? Go for a run to get them really hot and sweaty? Tell me what you like and I am sure we can come to an arrangement.

They will be worn for 24 hours, just for you. I will wrap them in tissue paper and a bow, and of course a ziplock bag to keep my scent safely inside. I'll send in a padded envelope with a short note too. I will also include 3 pictures for you.

Additional days wear is £5 per day.
✉️: Email: mistressjessmcr@yahoo.co.uk
I ship oversea
Pay me with: Amazon Vouchers
No PayPal
Worn pop socksWorn pop socksWorn pop socks