Why not treat yourself to a pair of my smelly socks for Christmas this year?

I do love having my feet played with, so a gift of my smelly socks to you really excites me.

I will wear them for a day, but don't forget to check out my ad ons for exercising in them for you or even additional days wear to get them super sweaty. Don't see something that excites you in my add ons? Then tell me what you want. I am always open to ideas.

I will put your gift in to a ziplock back as soon as I take them off, to keep my scent fresh. I will then wrap them in tissue paper and a bow. I will write you a short note as well as sending additional pictures to those on here.
Price: £16
Country: UK
I don't ship oversea
P&P: Free UK delivery, £3 recorded delivery
Pay me with: Amazon Vouchers
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No PayPal
Smelly Black and white SocksSmelly Black and white SocksSmelly Black and white Socks