Just for my little Piggy Boys...delicious treats smashed beneath my beautiful feet.

These delectable white cakes with white icing are adorned with pastel little sprinkles...perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up or for dessert. These will be completely destroyed, to the point of being unrecognizable. I will ever so carefully, remove all of your treat caked onto my feet & between my toes & pack them into a vacuumed sealed bag...to ensure the highest quality treat. No stale snacks here!

If you would prefer a different treat, not a problem...I can smash anything with my beautiful feet.

And for a special bonus, I will email you a short video of the amazing smashing.

Need to know more or have a request? Email me sexxximilf68@gmail.com

I always vacuum seal my items. I carefully package all items into non-marked mailers, as to keep the contents unknown.
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Email: sexxximilf68@gmail.com
Mistress Kimberly's Foot Smashed TreatsMistress Kimberly's Foot Smashed Treats