How much would you be willing to pay to sniff every pair of dirty, creamy lace panties in my laundry hamper?

For $40 you'll get 2 pairs of my laciest panties to enjoy. I'll reach into my hamper and pull out something extra dirty for you to enjoy. Each pair will have been worn AT LEAST 24 hours.

Feeling Adventurous?

* Additional days wear - $9/day (up to 5 days) For extra delicious scent.
* Big, WET, Juicy Orgasm - $10 (Trust me. Worth EVERY penny!)
* "Oops! I forgot to wipe" - $10


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Price: $40
Country: USA
I ship oversea
P&P: YES---I SHIP INTERNATIONALLY! Prices & delivery times dependent upon location. (E-mail for details.)

FREE shipping on U.S. orders of $25. $3 for smaller orders. (USPS 2-4 day delivery with insurance and tracking#)

All items are Ziploc sealed and mailed DISCREETLY in a plain white water, tear and puncture resistant poly envelope.
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Lace Hamper Panties: 2 for $40!Lace Hamper Panties: 2 for $40!Lace Hamper Panties: 2 for $40!