On Sale! $15 each with FREE US S&H

These cotton thongs will feel every inch of my sexiest parts, giving you all the best smells and collecting all of my sweet nectar.

$15 Each

Pick a color:
Polka Dots

Cotton gusset for maximum juice absorption.

Item includes free US shipping, 24 hours wear, and a free picture of my wearing the item after payment.

Discounted Add-ons:
Extra wear: $5/day (queue dependent)
"Played" in: $5 (once per 24hrs)
**suggested if you want a strong smell**

Thong Disclaimer: If you do not like booty smells mixed with your pussy scents, don't buy a thong. I can avoid this with all of my other panties, but you are certain to get some ass smell with a thong.
Price: $15
Country: USA
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-Overseas shipping is an additional $10
-Free USPS First Class shipping (1-3 days) with tracking
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