Hi, i'm Aaliyah, a 22yr old bisexual brunette with a very naughty side!

Hi, i'm Aaliyah, a 22yr old bisexual brunette with a very naughty side!

Hi, i'm Aaliyah, a 22yr old, bisexual, feisty brunette with a very naughty side!! I am a teaching assistant by day and a party girl at night, I like to keep fit and look after my body but do enjoy a good night out partying until the early hours every weekend.  I have a very high sex drive which some men find a bit intimidating which is why i have some close female friends with which i like to have a bit of sexy fun with ;)

I first discovered  my  interest in the panties scene while at uni after coming home to discover my housemate masturbating over a pair of my dirty knickers! At first i was livid but  after i had some time to cool down, the thought that my housemate was getting off on my dirty underwear was actually quite arousing! I was so surprised at my sudden reaction from being furious and disgusted to actually getting turned on that i let my housemate off with a stern warning, i also told him that if he was going to go round sniffing my panties then he should do a better job of not getting caught! i was loving it every minute as he stood there red faced but obviously painfully hard at the same time, I do love to tease...

Which leads me to my newly discovered fetish! :) I get moist at the thought of guys getting so wild and horny by my used panties alone, and it makes me feel like a naughty, hot temptress knowing that they are getting off on my womanly scent.



What I Sell:
Bras and Lingerie
Used Panties
PantyHose and Stockings
Socks and Foot Fetish items 

Most of my panties are £15 and worn for a minimum of 24hrs included in the price! For any naughty extras such as played in, extra wear please contact me for more info/prices ;) Most of my classifieds also have a list of what extras are available for the listed item.

If you do decide to give my panties a try I will send you 2 personal sexy pics to get you in the mood while you wait for your special delivery :)

All orders will come sealed in zip lock bag to preserve the sensual aromas and with a hand written note detailing what I have been up to while wearing your chosen item.

Payment Terms:

BACS for UK customers or Amazon, etsy or asos for UK and worldwide customers

Shipping Terms:

Free 1st class postage to UK addresses or £2 for recorded delivery

Worldwide from £1 depending on size and weight of parcel

Refund Policy:

Due to the nature of the items, refunds are not always possible but I will do my best to resolve any issues that you might have

Lost Parcel Policy:

If you are concerned that a package may get lost in the post, I highly recommend that you request recorded delivery as I cannot be held responsible for any items that may get lost in transit

No Paypal